7-Eleven S’pore selling Famous Hairy Crabs from S$20 that are flown in from Yangcheng Lake weekly till Nov 15

The best Shanghai hairy crabs

7-Eleven has pre-order sale on famous Shanghai hairy crabs from Yangcheng Lake in China

Hairy crab season is in full swing which is why they are starting to appear in supermarket seafood sections here in Singapore.

7-Eleven Hairy Crab Pre-order Sale

For crab aficionados who specifically want their hairy crabs from Yangcheng Lake in China, you can pre-order them from a 7-Eleven store near you or from their official online store.

For the uninitiated, Yangcheng Lake is a freshwater lake in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province which is the most famous area of origin for hairy crabs.

Flown in weekly to retain its freshness, prices start from $20 per crab for ala carte, although female crabs are pricier. There are also 4pc and 6pc bundle sets which are priced from $125.

Every bundle set also comes with free delivery, scissors and picking tools, as well as vinegar and ginger condiments.

To guarantee authenticity, every crab comes with a QR code tag for genuine certification of its origin.

There’s also a quick instruction guide for those who have zero idea on how to cook hairy crabs.

Pre-orders will be available till 15 November this year.

Pre-order from 7-Eleven

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