Levis Trade In Deal

Levis Trade In DealLevis Gives You $50

We are not sure how long this amazing deal has evaded us but if the trade-in deal is still going on, it is really worth checking it out. I have read that you can throw in any brand of your old jeans and they will honor the $50 discount on the jeans in Levis store no questions asked. However, the trade in deals are limited to the jeans only and no other apparels or pants. Hurry up because it is only whilst stock lasts! Levis Outlets: Ang Mo Kio Hub, Bugis Junction, Centrepoint Orchard, Lucky Plaza, Marina Square, Ngee Ann City Taka, Parkway Parade, Plaza Singapura, Raffles City, Suntec City, Tampines Mall, The Heeren, Vivo City.

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  • Bryan

    Actually I have a question, if I bring 2 jeans, so can i trade in both for only one deal? or i can only trade in one in this situation?

  • http://www.greatdeals.com.sg GDS Team

    Hi Bryan, we have read that the promotion only last till 9th November, not sure if it has been extended or not. You can try contacting Levi's Singapore division:

    Levi Strauss Asia Pacific Division Pte. Ltd.

    1 Kim Seng Promenade

    #16-01 Great World City East Tower

    Singapore 237994

    Tel: (65)735 9303

    Fax: (65)735 9304

  • MJ GOH

    Jus pass by raffles and check with the SA. The promo is extended till end of NOV.

  • yusaini

    Hai, I just want to known,

    1) If i bring my old levi's jean & the new jeans that I want to buy cost about SD 80 so I just top up another SD 30. Is it true?

    2) Is it limited to the selected jeans?

    3) When the promotion can be last?

  • Jamster Lim

    I traded 2 jeans and bought 2 pairs of new Levis at Tampines outlet but to my dismay when i travel to KL the following weekend i realised the Levis boutique in KL was selling much cheaper than what i bought in S'pore without $50 trade in and on top of that there was a further 10% discount. I thought i had a good deal in S'pore but that was not the case.

  • xy

    the promotion has extended to levis outlets such as those in BHG as well…

  • beck

    hi may i know is "Cerisi" brand children jeans able to be trade in?

  • http://www.greatdeals.com.sg GDS Team

    Hi Beck, you can try. One of our team members went down with a expired coupon but the staff gave him the $50 discount nonetheless without a pair of old jeans. The outlet he went to was at Orchard HMV.

  • beck

    thanks GDS, one more question does they provide alter service on the promotion?

  • http://www.greatdeals.com.sg GDS Team

    Hi Beck, yes they do provide altering services from our experience with Levis. You can check with their staff at any outlets. :)

  • danny

    Hi, any1 know does the $50 off include in cloths?

  • Chang Chyin Chien

    I just bought my first Levi jean. It cost $79.90. I can not enjoy the promotion as its only for those over $100 jeans. And all the jeans are very long, for my waist of 38". It seems that fat people should not buy Levi jeans. sigh…

  • http://woyaojiehunle.blogspot.com zinc

    I went to MS branch. The saleslady told me that Levis does not offer alteration services anymore.

    From what I know, you can bring any brand of jeans to trade, but I am not sure about chidren jeans.

    Should be 1 trade-in jeans for each pair of Levis … otherwise the Levis jeans would be free if you bring 3~4 old jeans right ?

  • Chang Chyin Chien

    I am sure they only allow one pair of jean in exchange for $50 discount. In fact, I even wanted to ask can I buy first and then they give me a coupon or something. I can not imagine passing them the jean I was wearing on the spot for the new tight unwashed BIG LONG jean. What do you think? Still. Very expensive…

  • ken

    jb branch do altetion…u knw at citysquare (jb).the serivce is good

  • http://woyaojiehunle.blogspot.com zinc

    well, you just have to bring along an old pair for trade-in … promo ending in end Nov, but heard might be extended. I have already traded in two pairs .. and I guess it's enough for me. Burnt a very big hole in my wallet. LOL.

  • Mr Chang

    I was told promotion till End of Year. I wanted to buy but it seems they stop having those normal looking type. I am in my 40s. I would prefer simple smart type…. Wonder where in Singapore can have better type? Hmm…

    • ken

      mr chang go to levis at jb(johor bahru) and see, or go to see at heeren(orchard) to see.. or u get levis 501… they look good

      • Mr Chang

        Yes, I bought mine at Tampines. I went to Levi specialise shop but all youngsters. Old man wanted to buy a simple jean also difficult. Really! I pick a few.. okay, it is my fault. I am fat too. Their largest size was 38 as at the time I went. Sigh

  • Denis Chen

    It is any brand of old jeans?

  • http://www.greatdeals.com.sg GDS Team

    Hi Denis, yes any brand of old jeans entitles you to the $50 discount.

  • ken

    any one knw spore sell"1947" 501 levis

  • ken

    mr chang go jb.. have look at citysquare…

  • ken

    dennis chen.. any brand will do,,,$5 jeans,,, can aslo

  • Weii =D

    just wanna ask.. its till when ? i remember it started quite long ago

  • ken

    any one knw spore store sell"1947 501 levis black??????

  • Apple

    Is the promotion still on?

  • Eileen

    I heard the offer had been extended, but no idea till when.

    Anyway, I bring a pair of jeans and BUY immediately after I trade in order to get $50off, am i right? I can't get a voucher or something to buy at a later time?

  • Alvin

    yeah… it's a direct $50 off the price of the new pair

  • eddie

    is it limited to levis old jeans only??
    Can other brand be traded in??

  • Michelle

    the $50 voucher may only be used for a minimum amt of purchase?

  • heamen

    i have 2 levis jeans,if i were to trade in,would i get 100 dollars cash or

    • Mr Chang

      I confirm they will ask you to buy 2 pair!

  • http://Lina-Ng.webs.com bluelights

    $50 off regular-priced levi's bottom ($100 & above) only but is already quite a gd bargain

  • Mr Chang

    If only they can just give us a discount voucher which we can redeem back the amount. A few times I walk pass the Levi shop and wanted to buy another pair, but I did not bring along extra jean to exchange. End up I have to give up. If only they can give us a receipt where we can redeem back the $50. Anyone care to suggest to Levi?

  • Jane

    Can we just exchange old jeans for cash? I mean i dun intend to buy any jeans.

  • shawn

    read the fine print,
    there a catch

  • Muchen

    Is the trade-in offer till end of dec'08?


  • VENA

    Can i know if the promotion en until end of dec?

  • jalaine

    can anyone tell me wats the contact no. ? (existing want)

  • davyXD

    i think the offers ends until end of the year. i keep the advertisment on TV!!![eg:Ch5]

  • kelly

    I went to levis the other day & purchase a skirt ( by trading my old levis jeans $50) ..

    From wat i understand from the SA, the item we purchase must be $100 in order to trade our jeans for $50.

  • helmi

    wow if ends on the end of the year, i still have time!!

    btw which outlets has the biggest variety? i see like some so small some are larger. i have 2 old jeans…yay

  • VENA

    Issit mean tat we can trade in our old jeans to purcase any items from levis? issit skirt, blouse, t-shirt and etc ma? hee…

  • calvin

    Is this $50 old jeans rebate things happening at any Levi's Store?

  • heamen

    if my levis jean is 511,will i get 50 dollars if i trade it at vivo city levis store

  • dingzheng

    What is other condition?

  • D

    Any idea if the trade-in promotion is extended again? I haf 3 pairs to give away!

  • Turtle

    -.-'' Please look carefully the sign boards. Promotion is still on.

  • deedeeman

    is this promotion till on??

    anyone can help me?


    • JL

      I jus visit shop at North Point today, the offer still available… u can bring any jean not only Levi's jean.. i bought it wz my normal old jean.. :D

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  • http://www.weight-loss-clinical.com May

    Is the promotion still on going? Is it limited to certain outlets or islandwide stores?

    • JL

      I saw d notice at NorthPoint levi's branch… I think on all branch have this promo… $199.90 for 2 Jeans…

  • desmond

    Centrepoint Levis Store is closing down now and will shift to opposite building in April…Yesterday bought a Levis 501 mens jeans at $89 (usual $139) some other 501 models going at $59 if I remebered correctly.

  • desmond

    Forgotten to add, no $50 trade in crap voucher for the Centrepoint is needed.

  • Jan

    Im curious. What are they gg to do with the old jeans? Reconstruct? into what?

  • Happy Man

    Is this promo on-going?


  • Ari

    Actually I have a question, if I bring 2 jeans, so can i trade in both for only one deal? or i can only trade in one in this situation?

  • Ari

    any other condition for that?

  • http://raihanahhalim.blogspot.com Raihanah

    Huh? I don't get it. Does it mean that Levis will give me $150 if i give them 3 pairs of jeans??

    • http://www.greatdeals.com.sg GDS Team

      Hi, you can trade in 3 pairs but you will have to buy 3 pairs of new jeans from them as well. It's one-to-one basis only.

  • jy

    im confused, if I bring one pair of jeans and buy one pair of levis jeans, the levis jeans will be $50 cheaper??

    • JAZ

      Hi there, yes… One for one. But the levis jeans you that you purchase must be at least 100 dollars and above. Let say the jeans that you are buying cost 119.90, then minus 50 dollars as you are trading in your old jeans.. That means you have to pay a remaining of $69.90.

  • straw

    Just gotten mine with trade in, but i sign up their membership for $50 at the cashier… so that goes my $50 discount… LOL..

  • Indy

    what's the perks of being a member????

  • http://Www.pseudo-marc.blogspot.com Marc

    Can someone advise if this promo is stil on this year, 2010?

  • Chang

    Yup. Still on. And can someone remove old message as I realise hackers are getting the names to spam… Can someone help? Thanks

    • http://www.greatdeals.com.sg GDS Team

      Hi Chang, our site engine does not show email addresses and hence the spam does not generate leads to spammers.

  • Jeannie

    Passed by Tampines Mall,promo board still standing.Hurry up if u still wanna catch the deal,good luck!

  • Alice

    What are the sizes levis have?

  • http://Promotionenddate bryan

    can somebody help me….. i dun know when the promotion end date

  • http://Promotionenddate bryan

    Is it end of december????/

  • IT geek

    bryan.. think it is before end of dec or jan. but i will advise u to grab yours fast.. dun wait!!!

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