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[Kickstarter] Pono Music Player Is Not Your Regular MP3 Player, Raises $2 Million In Two Days


With Apple’s uncertainty towards the future of iPods, why anyone would attempt to create another portable music player? But Pono isn’t just another MP3 player – [TL;DR] It’s basically a FLAC portable player, with an ecosystem.

The Pono player is built by professional audio engineers to tweak and optimise that file format so much it sounds on an entire different level. The video shows Neil Young taking the Pono Player to various artists and musicians only to be blown away by how good it sounds, so indescribable to some they come up with metaphors.

[[perfectpullquote]]Pono Music is an attempt to make FLAC available and portable for all[/[perfectpullquote]]

Interestingly Pono isn’t a revolutionary music format, it is in fact based on FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) which most audiophile seeks and enjoy. Pono feels like an attempt to make that kind of audio format more available and portable, for everyone who appreciate that very high quality music produced from the earphones to high-end audio setups.

The Pono Music project on Kickstarter has generated over US$4 million in pledges in just a few days since launch, a positive sign about the public reaction to Pono Music’s idea and ecosystem. You can pledge for a Pono Player (in black or yellow color) with 64GB of internal memory and a removable 64GB microSD card included (128GB total) for US$300 plus another US$15 to ship here by October 2014, which happens to be the same time where you can buy FLAC formart music from ponomusic.com. Apple should be watching this closely.

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