Starhub Prepaid SIM offer 100GB mobile data but only for first 5 days

Who in the world uses 100GB in 5 days?


If for some reason you believe you can use up 100GB worth of mobile data within 5 days, here’s a prepaid SIM card worth investing every of your hard-earned dollar.

Starhub has just announced the biggest data bundle on their Prepaid SIM in Singapore, all 100GB of mobile data to go along with it but there’s a catch – The mobile data is only available for 5 days and only valid for Happy Prepaid SIM  with $15 value or more.

If you are a tourist travelling to Singapore for a holiday for 5 days or below and don’t wish to be limited by the amount of data available in case you need the internet for work, navigation or if your hotel charges for it, this temporary SIM card might be a good option to look at and at $15 a card, it also comes with  a $18 credit and free IDD calls to 19 destinations worldwide in additional to the unlimited data.

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