SPCA finds real fur used in popular Rabbit Bag Chains sold in numerous shops

Make no mistake

Image of the Rabbit Bag Chain sold in shops (Photo: SPCA)

Does this Rabbit Bag Chain seem familiar to you? You probably have come across them before on push-carts or pop-up stores before. The sad thing is the fur found on these adorable plushies turns out to be real rabbit fur.

The investigation is confirmed by SPCA and the animal organisation has spread the word on their Facebook page to consumers today cautioning against animal cruelty and asking the public to refrain from purchasing these rabbit chains no matter how tempting they might look.

SPCA found that the fur used on these bag chains are actual rabbit fur which matches to the samples and not synthetic alternatives. You can also learn to tell the difference between real and synthetic fur from this PDF document provided by the organisation.

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The investigation was carried out by SPCA after the public expressed their concern that the bag chains are made from real fur.

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