Daiso Korea launches new Disney Series of kitchen accessories & tableware we wished S’pore stores stocks them

So nice

Daiso x Disney Kitchen Series Collection in Korea

Turns out not all Daiso stores around the world are the same.

In Korea, Daiso there has teamed up with Disney to launch a new collection of kitchen accessories and tableware featuring Mickey Mouse and Alice in Wonderland.

Prices of the items range between ₩1,000 – ₩5,000 (~S$1.15 to S$5.80).

Mickey Mouse

Items from the Mickey Mouse collection features frying pans, coasters, oven mitts, serving plates, sponges and more.

There are also a variety of Mickey & Minnie mugs and glasses.

These adorable cooking tools with the iconic Mickey icon will come in handy.

There are also tablewares for kids.


Alice in Wonderland

Besides Mickey and Minnie, there’s also a range of tableware featuring characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland tumblers for only ₩3,000 (~S$3.50)? So worth it.

Got friends staying or travelling to Korea? Don’t forget to get them to bring some of these Daiso merch back.

You can find a list of Daiso store locations in Korea here.

Bet you didn’t know

The Disney collection will likely not be available at Daiso Japan or Singapore stores. That’s because Daiso Korea is a different company and no longer part of Daiso Japan after a break-off in 2011.

The reason for that is likely due to a dispute when Daiso Japan was trying to promote Liancourt Rocks, as part of Japan.

Daiso Korea’s logo

Daiso Korea also has a different logo after the rebranding to show its break-off.

Update: Added information about Daiso Korea.

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