Korea’s latest food craze is a Breakfast Cereal that looks like miniature French Toasts

A decade later

General Mills French Toast Crunch is the latest food craze in Korea

General Mills is known for their breakfast cereals such as Cheerios, but back in the late 90s to early Millenium, the French Toast Crunch was available in grocery stores in the USA.

It’s a sugary cereal that basically looks like tiny pieces of bread, glazed with maple syrup and cinnamon spice.

It’s back

In an era of food revivals, the French Toast Crunch made its way back into stores in early-2015 after almost a decade long hiatus, and more recently in South Korea as part of General Mills global launch.

The nostalgic breakfast cereal has since become a national sensation in the country, with numerous bloggers and Instagrammers posting photos of it.

Doesn’t turn soggy

According to some review, the cereal doesn’t turn soggy even when soaked in milk due to its syrup coating which helps to preserve its crunchiness.

Plus, it puts a smile on your face in the mornings because it’s just too cute.

In the states, there’s even a holiday edition of it.

Not available here

Unfortunately for us, the French Toast Crunch is only available in certain parts of the world at the moment. A quick search reveals supermarkets such as FairPrice and Cold Storage only stocks the Cinnamon Toast Crunch which, sadly, looks vastly different.

We can only hope the General Mills supplier in Singapore brings it in sometime soon, but until then our best bet is to get them off eBay.

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