FairPrice selling Doraemon Chocolates from S$3.90 that has random Magnetic Puzzles & Fridge Magnets

Spotted in Jewel Changi Airport

Doraemon chocolates with fridge magnets & puzzles spotted in FairPrice supermarket

There’s a bunch of new Doraemon collectibles you can get your hands on in FairPrice supermarkets.

Doraemon Magnet Collectibles

Spotted by our team in FairPrice Finest supermarket in Jewel Changi Airport, these Doraemon Chocolates come with adorable magnetic collectibles fans that can be displayed on their fridge, bomb shelter doors or anywhere that has a metal surface.

There are a few types of chocolates to choose from.

There are random magnetic collectibles inside the packaging featuring Doraemon and his younger sister Dorami, which reminds us of the old-school tikam packs with toys in them back in the 80s and 90s.

Here are the Doraemon fridge magnet and puzzle we’ve gotten after buying and opening them.

So cute.

There’s also a Doraemon-themed bucket filled with similar chocolate snacks but doesn’t come with any collectibles.

These Doraemon chocolates are likely available at other FairPrice Finest outlets so you might want to drop by one near you to find them if Jewel Changi Airport is out of the way for you.

Only while stocks last.

H/T: All photos by Great Deals Singapore.

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